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When it comes to online research, we have more experience and breakthrough technologies to offer to get you accurate insights quickly, easily and cost-effectively.  We’re ready to help you get answers with rapid response and execution, with advanced capabilities that are truly advanced.

We can develop brilliant questionnaires that tease out and expose the precise insights you need, or review a questionnaire you’ve developed if our expertise and advice is helpful.

When it comes to programming surveys, you have options:

  • Let our survey programmers program and field your surveys on a 24/7 basis using the latest SPSS Version 7 Dimensions software and our highest capacity servers — supporting customers anywhere in the world
  • Your survey programmers can access and program surveys on our servers as if they were yours, allowing you to avoid the cost of acquiring, managing and maintaining your own software and servers
  • Program your surveys yourself on your own servers but embed special JavaScript code in your surveys that will invoke and utilize our advanced “cool” tools in your surveys — we’ll teach your programmers all they need to know within an hour

Our servers have enormous capacity and we routinely execute surveys that interview thousands of respondents across the nation or around the globe.  Survey programming is usually completed within 48 hours or less.  For crisis and rapid response requirements, we can program, launch, and field surveys “same day”.

That’s only the beginning.

All surveys can take advantage of our array of “cool tools” that include moment-to-moment video and audio dial-testing, text highlight testing with heat-map reporting, print ad clickable element testing, multi-page print media testing, our social media photo program, and much more.


As surveys are fielding, data is automatically available on Mercury’s amazing Analytics Workbench. The Analytics Workbench is like nothing you’ve ever experienced.  It was designed by researchers, for researchers, so it’s intuitive and incredibly powerful.  It allows you to rip through complex datasets, see real-time dial-test results, heatmaps, charts, crosstabs, word clouds, and much more – with integrated ‘anyone can do it’ data weighting and significance testing.

For our full-service clients, we rapidly dig into survey results and prepare powerful executive summary reports that identify key findings, provide comprehensive understanding of critical issues, and include actionable recommendations.

Lastly, we act as an extension of your team. Your problems are ours.  We deliver results on time, every time, adhering to your deadlines.


  • Advertising Agency


    Mercury has setup a 'ready to go' commercial testing lab for us that has revolutionized our processes. We can throw a few rough-cuts or animatics into a test this afternoon, and have reactions from 200 consumers by morning. We'll know if an ad works, which is best among several, and what important demographic groups like most or least. Mercury's pricing is great, allowing us to do more testing, more rapidly than ever.

  • Tech Savvy Research Firm


    We're a firm that generally executes our own online surveys. Yet when we need to offer our clients special tools like moment-to-moment dial testing or message testing with text-highlighting and heat maps, we turn to Mercury. Their technology integrates easily with our survey system, allowing surveys that execute on our servers to utilize the technology offered by Mercury. Their Analytics Workbench blows our customers away. Mercury provides us with a great partnership.

  • Political Campaign


    When I’m working on a campaign, I need answers fast. Sometimes we’re attacked and we need to know how to respond. Other times we’re creating ads and we want to make sure that we get every message right. Mercury's specialized campaign support means that they can be dial-testing ads or fine-tuning messages within 30 minutes of our requests, at prices that are unheard of in the political research space. Their Analytics Workbench lets me see results in easy to understand ways. Their technology can change the way campaigns do research.

  • Regional Research Firm


    We’re a small research firm that executes a couple projects a month or a quarter with Mercury, and we watch our bottom line very closely. Mercury is always available and responsive, as if we’re one of their larger clients – they don’t seem to sleep. They take care of survey programming, sample acquisition if we need it, through fielding. Most importantly we get real-time access to our data through their Analytics Workbench. Thanks to Mercury, even though we’re small, we can handle the most sophisticated tests.

  • Global Retailer


    We’re a leading high-fashion clothing manufacturer with global sales in excess of $1 Billion. We're constantly faced with time-sensitive questions -- Which of these ads would be better to run tomorrow in Vogue Espana? Why is a new promotion not working? We use Mercury because they react instantly and get us answers rapidly – sometimes overnight. Their analysis is clear and on point, and they charge reasonably for small projects. We've never seen a more responsive, more cost-effective research partner.

  • National Research Firm


    We're a large research firm and we throw over 20 projects a month at Mercury. We execute everything from simple surveys, to ad tests, message tests, brand studies, rapid crisis surveys, tracking studies - we do it all. Sometimes we program our surveys, sometimes Mercury handles it, and sometimes the surveys are phone polls or data collected elsewhere in the world that get loaded onto their Analytics Workbench. Mercury's technology and support are second to none.


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