Mercury has perfected and leads the industry in all forms of media and message testing, providing breakthrough Mobile-friendly technologies that record respondent preferences more naturally and accurately, whether on desktop, laptop or any mobile devices. Powerful data visualizations for any audience segments can be generated in real-time on our secure Analytics Workbench and can be downloaded with a click.

All tools are available within surveys we program for you or can be embedded in your surveys or websites using our API.

Tools That Expose What Respondents Actually Think

Identifying who is impacted by messages and media, what specific words, parts of images or moments of a video respondents like or dislike, requires innovative high-tech tools that work across platforms, that visualize results in powerful ways, that are easy and natural to use.

Mercury’s message and media testing tools lead the industry by providing intuitive respondent interfaces that make sense, that work on all devices, that provide insight while surveys are fielding, that each include amazing visualizations.


Analytics Workbench

We’re most proud of our Analytics Workbench, home-base for all your real-time analytics reporting, designed by researchers for researchers, combining state-of-the-art analytic methods with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. With point and click ease define any audience segments and view or download crosstabs, open-end reports and word clouds, generate summary tables, charts, heatmaps, dial-test images or video clips, with sig-testing, data weighting, and much more.

It’s powerful, fast, and intuitive.

M2M Dial Testing

Mercury’s M2M dial-testing technology leapfrogs competitors’, allowing mobile friendly moment-to-moment testing of short and long form video and audio content, combining unique and innovative media rating techniques with breakthrough real-time dial-test visualizations, viewable interactively or downloadable.

Message Testing

Do your messages resonate with the audiences you hope to impact? Get the feedback you need with Mercury Analytics’ text highlighting message testing.

Spotlight Image Testing

Test print ads with ease thanks to Mercury’s Spotlight image testing.  Show participants an image and let them click or touch (if on mobile) the areas that they are most interested or that they don’t like. In real-time, view heatmaps for any audience segments, with many visualization options.


Online surveys gather quantitative insights (“How do you rate this”) often followed by a qualitative questions (“Why do you say that”), but until now you haven’t been able to actually see and hear from respondents, in their own words, providing suggestions, expressing their support, or their anger. Instead of asking, “What worries you most about Covid-19,” why not see, hear and feel respondent concern by letting them tell you themselves in a selfie video?


How would you test a multiple page brochure, a pamphlet, or pages from a magazine in an online survey? Would showing one page at a time create a natural “page turning” experience? No! Showing one page at a time loses any sense of the multipage experience, leading to reactions and ratings that aren’t realistic and don’t reflect the true experience created when viewing the actual media.

Mercury’s Flipbooks present multipage print media in a natural way that allows respondents to see and flip each page in a manner that emulates the physical turning of pages, both forward to the next page or backwards to the previous page.

Qual Tools for Quant Studies

While every research system can ask simple open-end questions to capture qualitative responses, Mercury takes it to the next level by again providing breakthrough capabilities that dramatically increase the ways qualitative opinions can be captured to derive optimal insights. 

Custom-Designed Tools

Mercury is capable of working with you to create breakthrough proprietary testing tools. Perhaps you need to present a ballot initiative to test ballot language in a more natural and accurate way or a drag and drop capability that allows respondents to select special offers. Our team of developers is ready to implement new capabilities when you need them.
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