Mercury Analytics provides clients with innovative research expertise and total execution support. Whether designing custom research solutions that utilize the most advanced testing methodologies, or executing rapid response studies to support crisis or attack responses, we are proud to service a roster of “A” list brands, research organizations, consultants, political organizations and campaigns.

Full-Service research

Our full-service solutions provide a VIP experience. We work with you as an extension of your team throughout the entire research process from start to finish.

Media Research

Measure the impact of print or digital media through ad evaluation studies, brand lift studies, brand trackers, as well as in-depth media and message testing.

Research Design & Analysis

Work with our team of research professionals backed by Mercury’s suite of advanced tools, to design and execute a study that captures and reports on the precise insights you need.

Political Analysis

Rapidly take the pulse of constituents through strategic media dial tests and text highlight message testing, gathering the insights and feedback crucial to inform campaign decisions.

Campaign Rapid Response

Have Mercury setup rapid response studies designed to launch the moment a negative video appears. Learn within hours if critical constituents are negatively impacted, why, and how or whether to respond.

UX Testing

Mercury can design a customized, highly visual UX testing methodology to pinpoint audience preferences and reveal in-depth feature insights.

Qualitative Focus Groups

Mercury offers Live Labs fully managed online focus groups, featuring national & global recruiting, rapid execution, advanced media testing, live streaming, real-time analytics.

Select Services

Whatever the situation, whether you need support perfecting questionnaires, programming surveys, using advanced media & message testing tools, acquiring sample & managing fielding, getting access to data, and/or producing analysis and final client deliverables, the Mercury team is here to help.

Mercury is flexible and provides each project with the resources that our client needs in order to assure project success.

  • Exceptional questionnaire design that tease out precise insights
  • Survey programming with 24/7 programming teams ready to rapidly implement complex surveys
  • Integration of Mercury’s advanced media and message testing tools in surveys we program or via our API
  • Sample acquisition, use of client supplied sample, or use within in-person environments
  • Fielding management
  • 24/7 analytics workbench data access
  • In-depth executive summary reporting
  • API access to Mercury’s advanced testing tools

Qualitative Research: Live Labs

Online Focus Groups & IDIs

Mercury’s live labs is an online focus group and IDI platform that combines all of the most sought after research capabilities with incomparable support services, creating the most comprehensive and seamless online meeting solution.

  • The most sought after features you won’t ever want to be without.
  • Incomparable support team that handles everything.
  • The best solution at a great price.

Mercury’s advanced recruiting, in-meeting management, media testing, and post meeting analytics integrate directly with ZOOM, building on a conferencing platform that is already accepted by and familiar to millions of individuals and companies, today supporting daily meetings with over 300 million participants.

  • No long lead times for scheduling online focus groups or IDI projects, and Mercury’s project team handles all the details
  • For low to medium incidence participants, Mercury’s global recruiting capability connects you with an oversample of precisely screened participants, or we work with skilled traditional recruiters or use your preferred recruiter
  • Every tech aspect of the meeting’s execution is handled by Mercury’s ‘always present’ facilitators, so no special training and moderators simply moderate
  • Our Observer Backroom connects observers, permits chats, and allows precise note taking, with every comment and note time synched to the meeting video
  • Show videos, print images or messages, or conduct advanced dial-tests, image heatmap tests, or text-highlighting exercises, with real-time data visualizations
  • And after the group, rapidly access the meeting video, a searchable word-level synchronized transcript, and a complete clipping capability that lets you create amazing highlight videos in any of 30 native languages, always with an English translation

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