Flipbooks: Flip Through the Pages

How would you test a multiple page brochure, a pamphlet, or pages from a magazine in an online survey? Would showing one page at a time create a natural “page turning” experience? No! Showing one page at a time loses any sense of the multipage experience, leading to reactions and ratings that aren’t realistic and don’t reflect the true experience created when viewing the actual media.

Mercury’s Flipbooks present multipage print media in a natural way that allow respondents to see and flip each page in a manner that emulates the physical turning of pages, both forward to the next page or backwards to the previous page.

Whether you need a trusted partner to work as an extension of your team or you want access to our advanced technology to enable you to dive into complex datasets and visualize your results, we’ve got a solution built for you.

Gather reactions to multipage print media more naturally with Flipbooks.

Flipbooks: Image Rating with Heatmaps

With Flipbooks, not only can you present and flip-through multiple pages, but each page can have special defined clickable regions, which respondents can click to select, for example, ads or stories that interest them or page elements that they dislike. Regions can be circular, rectangular, or complex shapes that define unusual regions.

Mercury handles all setup and regional definitions based on client guidance.

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