the best online focus group platform…ever

If you already love doing online focus groups using the research power of innovative technology tools, you’ll think this is the best online focus group ever because of our integrated Live Labs platform and Mercury Workbench for post-group analytics, videos and time-synched, searchable transcripts. 

And even if you hate doing online focus groups, you’ll think it’s the best ever because when your client wants them, you know you have the Mercury team behind you to make sure everything runs like clockwork. Including delivering analytics, videos and time-synched transcripts to you after the group in the all-in-one Mercury Workbench.

See the Mercury experience yourself in this self-guided demo recorded during our recent live broadcast of a focus group moderated by Nick Budasoff, Mercury’s Director of Qualitative Services, with running commentary from Andrew Garcia, Director of Live Labs, and Leigh Kessler, VP of Business Development.

Part 1: countdown to the group

Less than five minutes until go-live! See how the Live Labs team ensures your participants are tech and camera-ready. 

part 2: moderating the live group

We’re live! As our moderator moderates, Andrew and Leigh explore the Observer Backroom for clients & notetakers, and see the facilitator present stimuli, polls, and runs a Text-Highlighting Exercise, one of our Cool Tools for Testing Creative Content.

part 3: after the group

The group was a success! Now, see how Mercury delivers your transcripts, Observation Room chats, poll/exercise data, and our Video Clipping tool – in the all-in-one Analytics Workbench.

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