Panel on Crisis Communications Response and Reputation Risk:
How To Put Together A Cross-Disciplinary Response Team

PRWeek’s Crisis Comms Conference – Washington, D.C. – April 12, 2023 – 24 minutes

Session Description: This session highlighted important lessons around crisis communications response and the pieces that go into creating a successful team. Responding to a reputation crisis is primarily the responsibility of the lead communicator or corporate affairs officer within organizations. But all levels of the C-suite and key departments should also be engaged and involved if a response is to be timely, consistent and effective. Experienced in-house communications leaders explain how to put together a pure-play reputation risk team.

Panelists: This panel was moderated by PRWeek’s VP & Editorial Director Steve Barrett and features Franz Paasche, SVP & chief corporate affairs officer at PayPal, Sarah Meron, VP of Corporate Affairs at IBM, and Jordan Kraft, SVP & Partner at Mercury Analytics

Top 10 Issues (Identified by Mercury AI): Looking for the highlights of this panel discussion on crisis communications response?  We ran the session video through our newly integrated Mercury AI feature with one-click summary analysis. Here are 9 of the key issues highlighted during the panel:


    1. Building relationships with the right people in the legal universe before a crisis occurs.
    2. Making a clear fact-based assessment of the situation.
    3. Developing a cross-disciplinary team with all relevant parties before a crisis occurs.
    4. Determining the impact of the crisis on the brand perception versus the actual actions that someone is willing to take.
    5. Having a preemptive approach and being ready with a base level of information to manage crises effectively.
    6. Monitoring consumer sentiment during non-crisis times.
    7. Identifying the best people or group of people to work with in the legal universe.
    8. The importance of research in managing a crisis.
    9. Having an external expert as a sounding board to provide an independent perspective on the situation.

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