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See the Mercury experience for yourself in this self-guided demo recorded during our recent live broadcast of a focus group moderated by Nick Budasoff, Mercury’s Director of Qualitative Services, with running commentary from Andrew Garcia, Director of Live Labs, and Leigh Kessler, VP of Business Development.

Part 1: countdown to the group

Less than five minutes until we go live. See how the Live Labs team ensures your participants are tech and camera-ready.


We’re live! As our moderator moderates, Andrew and Leigh explore the Observer Backroom for clients & notetakers, and see the facilitator present stimuli, polls, and runs a Text-Highlighting Exercise, one of our Cool Tools for Testing Creative Content.

PART 3: after the group 

The group was a success! Now, see how Mercury delivers your transcripts, Observation Room chats, poll/exercise data, and our Video Clipping tool – in the all-in-one Analytics Workbench.

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