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Rapid Polls & Surveys, Ad & Message Testing and Online Focus Groups.

Mercury Analytics is trusted by both parties for House, Senate and Gubernatorial races as well as seven Presidential campaigns in 2020.

Why Mercury?

When every minute matters in your candidates’ push to win, Mercury Analytics provides one-stop political research expertise and total execution support. We are proud to service a roster of
“A” list brands, research organizations, consultants, political organizations and campaigns with Better Technology, Better Insights and Better Tools for decision making, from testing ads, messages and live debate performance to executing rapid studies for crises responses.

Case Studies

Consumer & Political Research Firms

Comms & Crisis Management Firms

Corporate Research Departments

Political Campaigns, Consultants, PACs

Networks, Media Companies & Journalists

Fortune 500 Companies

Marketing Teams

Non-Profits & Associations

Financial Firms & VCs


Team Awesome, Mercury Analytics!

Unparalleled client experience

We’re obsessive about giving every client, large or small, an unparalleled client experience.

From our rapid response times to our get-in-the-trenches-with-you mentality, it’s just who we are.

What matters to you, matters to us.


Research Tools

If you’re obsessive about executing surveys that provide the most precise and in-depth insights, you’re in good company.

Mercury’s technologies allow clients to tease out insights more naturally and accurately than conventional methods.  Clients get access to our vast catalog of research tools that can be deployed within surveys programmed and hosted by Mercury or externally within client environments.

Our technologies enable you to capture respondent reactions to print ads, video and audio media, and messages, both quantitatively or qualitatively within our Live Labs online focus groups.



Mercury’s software engineering team is a key competitive advantage. We have our own in-house advanced technology development team that created each of Mercury’s industry-leading media and message testing tools and our breakthrough qualitative capabilities. As a result, we are able to constantly enhance, update and create new tools that add innovative ways to interact with respondents and better visualize captured data.

When appropriate, we use our development team to implement custom capabilities or simulations that empower our clients with the edge they need to win in new markets, or that automate previously manual processes to speed project execution and reduce project costs.

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