Trump and Biden Records

Dial-test video results for portions of the “Trump and Biden Records” segment are included below, which make clear the specific issues on which the candidates’ positions attract voters and those where there is weakness. Further insight is provided by examining the shaded areas in the video.  Using the ratings scale on the left, the shaded area above the middle indicates the percentage of Republicans, Democrats and Independents who believe a moment is a “Great Moment” while the shaded area below the middle indicates the percentage of each group that believe that a statement that was made is “Not True”.

Play the video and identify the moments of strength and weakness for each audience segment or contact Mercury for a more in-depth review.

Who DID Better: Trump and Biden Records

Q: Overall, who would you say did better in this video?
(‘Much’ or ‘Somewhat’ better for each candidate)

Trump & Biden Record Winner of Debate 1

Trump Segment Performance

Biden Segment Performance

Key Takeaways

There was little actual discussion about Donald Trump or Joe Biden’s records and plans for America, but there were plenty of interruptions and accusations, including personal insults by Donald Trump of Joe Biden’s son. Position the video to 4 minutes and 39 seconds to hear the discussion.

Key to note that when Donald Trump is speaking, Democratic ratings drop much lower than the drop in Republican ratings when Joe Biden is speaking – meaning Democratic disagreement with Donald Trump is far stronger than Republican disagreement with Joe Biden.


Below view the dial-test results among Republicans, Democrats and Independents. For more detailed analysis for other audience segments, please contact Jordan Kraft at 202-386-6322 x 322.

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